Top 10 US and UK Online Retailers by Customer Satisfaction

Having analyzed this holiday season’s performance of the top US and UK online retailers, ForeSee Results has published two interesting lists where they rank the top 40 e-tailers in each country according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index [more about ACSI].

Yesterday they published the UK data where the top 10 e-tailers list looks as follows:

Top UK Online Merchants by Customer Satisfaction

Today in his blog post the company’s CEO, Larry Freed, has published the 2009 holiday data for US merchants, and the top 10 list for America looks like this:

Top US Online Merchants by Customer Satisfaction

Things that I have found of interest:

  • Amazon is leading the way both on the British Isles and in the USA
  • The other two brands that are both in the American and British lists are QVC and Apple
  • eBay that ranks #9 in the UK isn’t even in the top US e-tailers list
  • The three UK e-tailers that have demonstrated the best improvement in customer satisfaction are Debenhams (10 points), John Lewis and M & M Direct (9 point change each)
  • The top American e-tailers that have improved most comparing to their last year’s ranking are Macy’s (9 points), Costco, Gap, HSN and Overstock (7 points each)
  • American online retailers “are considerably outperforming U.K. websites (by nine points and 10 percent)”
  • The index difference between the US e-tailers is not as noticeable as it is in the UK. If you look at the original reporting table here, you will see that the top-scored merchants are located between 76 and 87 marks, and the list actually includes many more than the 10 merchants listed above. Many share the same place (e.g. the “79 points” place is shared by 8 mechants: Costco, Dell, Macy’s, Musician’s Friend, Nordstrom, Walmart, Williams-Sonoma, and So if we were judging by the score obtained, the top 10 places in the US list should have been spread between as many as thirty-one merchants!

Finally, it would be really interesting to compare conversion ratios of the above-listed merchants with their ACSI rankings.

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