Small Business Trends Radio to Interview Me

I am a long-time fan of Small Business Trends and what they are doing to educate small businesses through their blog, interviews, publications, and, of course, their radio show. I have first met Anita Campbell, the owner and CEO of Small Business Trends LLC, in July of 2007 – in steaming hot Miami, FL at Affiliate Summit East 2007. Back then she interviewed me on my first book (and affiliate marketing in general), A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing. Our paths have crossed more than once since then, but having listened a few times to Anita’s radio that she’s been running since November 2005, I have been especially honored to hear from her when she asked if I could appear on her show, and talk to her listeners what starting an affiliate marketing program could do for them, and how they should go about it.

The show is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, January 26 2007 at 1:30 pm EST:

Small Business Trends Radio Interview with Prussakov

The call-in number is  (+1) 646-716-8886, or you may listen to it online (both live, and at any time after the show) by following this link.

Looking forward to the talk, hoping to be of value to the myriad of small businesses (especially those with online presence) out there.

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