Colorado & New Mexico "Affiliate Tax" Bills: Latest News

Here’s the latest news from the “affiliate tax” battlefields:


The bill did pass motion yesterday: 6 “yes” to 5 “no”, but there is still hope. Read more in Rebecca Madigan’s Colorado Affiliates Rocked the House! post.

Update (as of late evening 01/29/10): 33 voted for the Colorado HB-1193 “affiliate tax” bill. It has passed in the House, and is now moving to the Senate.

New Mexico

Over the past few hours the affiliate marketing world has been holding its breath following Daniel M. Clark‘s tweet-casting from the committee meeting regarding the House Bill 50 (aka the “affiliate tax” bill); and here’s the latest:

New Mexico affiliate tax bill

Good news (at least for now). But see this tweet by Daniel too (where he elaborates on the “tabled” part).

Edit (of 01/29/10): For details on NM see today’s “Fighting Against House Bill 50 in New Mexico” blog post/podcast by Daniel.

2 thoughts on “Colorado & New Mexico "Affiliate Tax" Bills: Latest News”

  1. Thanks for the write-up here, Geno. I’m glad to have been able to help in New Mexico, but I’m concerned now about Colorado, where a similar bill has just passed the House. The next few months are going to be rough for our industry, I think.

  2. Daniel, allow me to publicly commend you on fighting it for all affiliates in New Mexico (and beyond). While Russians say that “one in the field is not a warrior”, I have witnessed enough situations in life where this has not been true, and your example is certainly one of them. Thank you for what you have done, Daniel! I do believe that the outcome that you have in NM at this point is definitely partially due to your work. I too am extremely sad that there weren’t more affiliates in that room…

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