10 Great Posts – Week of February 7-13, 2010

Every week I read dozens of articles published online. Naturally, the vast majority of them are directly related to online marketing in general, and affiliate marketing in particular. The abundance of excellent content published online is so great that I never have enough time to incorporate what I learn into my own writing, and my today’s blog post aims at fixing this to at least to a degree.  Today I’d like to bring to your attention the 10 most interesting, in my opinion, posts and articles that have appeared online in the course of the past week. Most of them are very practical, and chock-full of invaluable advice that marketers can take and apply right away… A few of them are news (or other data) that I have found to be either of interest, or even of inspiration.

Here is my list (the order in which the below posts appear is random, and in no way reflective of any preference, or importance):

— 1 —

5 Great Ways to Waste Money in Google Adwords
Whether you are a merchant or an affiliate just starting with paid search, this article is a must read for you.

— 2 —

30+ Principles to a Better Landing Page Design
Successful web page design rests on four pillars: (i) research, (ii) design, (iii) copy, (iv) testing and improving. More in this article.

— 3 —

Multivariate Testing, 1 2 3 …
Good article on what and how to test. If you’re not yet into testing and analytics, hop aboard!

— 4 —

Give Your Affiliate Campaigns the Psychological Edge and Boost Conversions
Invaluable collection of links on how to employ psychological principles to improve conversions, or motivate people to buy.

— 5 —

What Super Bowl Advertising Can Teach Your Small Business
While I do not share point #2, the rest of this article is very useful for all kinds of marketers.

— 6 —

What Your Form Design Reveals About You
How to improve form design (thereby showing you care about your visitors) to increase your conversion rates.

— 7 —

9 Tricks I Used to Triple My AdSense Earnings in 30 Days
Hundreds of thousands of webmasters are using Google AdSense to monetize their websites. Must read article on what to improve to start earning more.

— 8 —

100 Top Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded Without a College Degree
An interesting list of 100 entrepreneurs who have achieved the pinnacle of success – some even without an elementary school degree.

— 9 —

Confirmed: Google Acquires Social Search Engine Aardvark
Big news: Vark.com acquired by Google for some $50 million. Official post here.

— 10 —

comScore Reports U.S. E-Commerce Spending in Q4 2009 Reached $39 Billion
December 15 ranked as heaviest U.S. online spending day in history at $913M. More in this post.

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