Latest News on Advertising Tax Bills: Virginia and Vermont

Encouraging news came from the states of Virginia and Vermont yesterday.


Yesterday (February 24, 2010) Performance Marketing Association reported:

In Virginia today, bill SB 660 was ‘tabled’ by the House finance sub-committee. This means it will not be voted on by the committee, and will most likely not be brought up again this legislative session. As a matter of fact, the bill’s sponsor, Senator Hangar, suggested it be tabled because it was clearly not a good solution  for the brick and mortar retailers he was trying to help. [underlining mine | more here]

…and another interesting point on that hearing:

I hate to say it but we were really helped by the brick-and-mortar retailers themselves. They were passionate but they did not understand the issue, they were unprepared and it showed. Since their testimony occurred first, we were all able to deftly respond to their misinformation. Not only did our letters, calls and visits outnumber theirs, but we had logic and proof on our side. [source]


Also yesterday, on Wednesday (February 24, 2010), a voting took place on this state’s version of the “affiliate tax” (bill HB661). The Ways and Means Committee of Vermont House of Representatives has voted it down. So, it looks like there will be no “Amazon tax” in this state — at least not any time soon.

Kudos to all Virginia and Vermont affiliate marketers who took a proactive stand on the question. Their efforts have certainly paid off.

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