US Retail E-Commerce Forecast for 2008-2013

Wondering how the U.S. online retail will look over the next few years?

Clark Fredricksen of eMarketer has forwarded me some interesting projection data for the period from 2008 through 2013. Here’s the table:

US Retail E-Commerce Forecast

As you can see, the above summary was prepared by eMarketer in June 2009 (so the 2008 numbers are based on actual data, while the rest represents their revised forecast). It looks like no major boosts are expected in the growth of the numbers of U.S. Internet users, or online shoppers. However, the Internet-generated retail sales (travel packages, digital downloads, and ticket sales excluded) are expected to really pick up between 2011 and 2013, growing from $164B in 2011 to $182.5B in 2012, and then – to $201.4B in 2013 (that’s a growth of over 52% from $132B in 2010). Good stats. Thank you, Clark.

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