Marketing Diversification or Fishing for Different Species

I have this an-advice-a-day Fishing Tips calendar on my desk, and earlier this week I read the following advice in it:

Learn how to fish for more than one kind of species. By doing so, you can take advantage of peak periods for different fish and avoid the inevitable slow times that occur when going after only one species.

This simple don’t-put-all-eggs-in-one-basket type of advice immediately rang a bell. How often affiliates, merchants or OPMs rely on just one marketing method, one product line, or one type of merchants! Do not!! Diversification is a must.

Just yesterday I read an affiliate tweet: “…time to completely change up my business model. Thanks Google.” I hear this affiliate’s pain, but unfortunately this is not the first time I see this happening. Do not tie all of your income (or business) to just one type of sites. Diversify! The “Unity in diversity” slogan should probably be reworded in the context of affiliate marketing to sound something like “Stability in diversity”. Are you diversifying, or just sticking to one method, strategy, or business model?

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