65th Anniversary of Victory Over Fascism

every family in Russia/Newly Independent States, mine included… And today the world is already celebrating the 65th anniversary of victory over fascism in the World War II.

Happy Victory Day, world!!

Victory Day Parade 2010 in Moscow

As I was watching the military parade in Moscow today (see picture above), as well as documentaries on the subject (via my satellite TV), I was once again stuck by the heroic feat of the Soviet people in that war. They had to face 3/4 of all Nazi forces on the East Front. Many of them lost their families and loved ones in Stalin’s concentration camps and purges prior to the war; yet they fought for their land, and their people, for the world’s freedom from evil… and they have won!

I bow my head in honor, and deepest gratefulness to those who fought this war, and brought this Great Victory. There is so much I am yet to learn from these great people!

Happy Victory Day to all of my readers!! Let us never forget the heroism of those who fought, not sparing their own lives – so that we may live…

5 thoughts on “65th Anniversary of Victory Over Fascism”

  1. Geno,

    Thanks for this note. We here in Russia feel so involved too. Probably, because Memories of War and our dedication to so few left War veterans at last reached a degree it deserves.

    And maybe nowadays it becomes a united idea for the whole nation as we don’t have any other else. I can’t bear tears when I look to their old faces thinking how much they held on their shelves being in the current age of my son.

    Perhaps, we all in the world should think more about how to unite then how to defend. The more open is your heart, trust grows stronger.

    I sincerely wish that somewhen our Globe transforms to the society where nobody would be against but all for…life.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Nadia. Your name (which stands for “hope”) is certainly symbolic of your words, which I fully echo.

  3. While our two countries have differed through the years, in the darkest hour in modern history, the bond of humanity and a just cause brought a victory for the world in standing against tyranny. When disagreements divide and relationships strain we can always stop and look back at the time that brought us together. No one should forget that our Fathers and Grandfathers bled together to protect the world we live in today.

  4. Despite heavy Saturday drinking ,I got up early (8.00 o’clock CET) to match the parade live on TV!
    I loved it, especially my favourite T54 tanks! Those who know the movie about “RUDY 102” , will understand me.

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