ShareASale to Waive International Direct Deposit Fees

Direct deposit is by far the most preferred payment method among affiliates. Almost two-thirds of affiliates choose it over all other possible payment methods [more here], and out of the remaining one-third the majority has to look into other options, because they are located outside of the U.S. or Canada.

Direct deposit — a convenient payment method which allows affiliates to receive their commissions through an ACH transfer directly into their bank account.

Most affiliate networks offer direct deposit as a method of payment both to affiliates based in North America, and to some international countries. Commission Junction (CJ) for example supports direct deposit to affiliates located in the Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US [source]. LinkShare (LS) supports all these countries but Sweden, yet unlike CJ provides direct deposit for affiliates in Mexico [source]. Neither CJ, nor LS charge affiliates for receiving payments via a direct deposit.

ShareASale has had international direct deposit for a while; however they’ve been charging for it:

  • $3.50 for deposits into European accounts
  • $5.50 for Canadian deposits
  • $7.00 for direct deposits to Australia
  • $7.00 to the United Kingdom

The idea behind these charges was to offset the costs they were encountering for these direct deposits themselves.

However, things will change, and as soon as the next pay cycle (i.e. 06/20/2010). Here is what Brian Littleton, Founder and CEO of ShareASale, posted on the company’s blog the day before yesterday:

ShareASale FixItThere was a recommendation to make the International Direct Deposit a free service as opposed to charged currently.

Based on your feedback, we’ve changed the fee structure on Direct Deposit to eliminate all of the additional surcharges. Starting on the paycycle for June 20th on May transactions, there will be no additional fee added by ShareASale for you to receive Direct Deposit in Canada, UK, Australia, or the EURO Union.

Stay tuned as well as additional countries are being added to the list available for Direct Deposit.

Way to go, ShareASale! And great job giving the other request the attention they deserve too. It is good to have an affiliate network that not only listens, but also hears.

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