Google Suggest & FatWallet Achievement

If you’re in affiliate marketing, you’re more than likely already aware of the fact that Tim Storm, the founding CEO of FatWallet has been named finalist for Entrepreneur of 2010 awards by Entrepreneur Magazine. That’s a huge achievement for an affiliate marketer, and congratulations are certainly in order.

There is another achievement of FatWallet that I’ve suddenly discovered the day before yesterday (while searching for a GoDaddy coupon looking to renew registration of a domain name I own) that I’d like to share with you today.

As always, I went to Google, typed in a [merchant name]+[coupon] key phrase, and guess what I saw? The Google Suggest‘s dropdown showed me:

Google suggests FatWallet for coupons

Wow! Now that is an achievement! Without even seeing the top 10 search results, I already saw an affiliate site. When I clicked the link (remember, it was 07/31) I saw a thread on FatWallet’s forum where multiple suggestions for GoDaddy coupons were listed, and FatWallet-exclusive ones topped the list (all naturally hyperlinked to set the affiliate cookie):

Affiliate-exclusive coupons

Next day (08/01) I decided to email FatWallet about two merchants whose programs I’d love for them to partner with. I am currently in Russia (Moscow time zone). So my late morning was their late night (FatWallet is headquartered in Illinois, hence the Central Time zone, hence 9 hours behind me now). It was also Sunday. Nevertheless, their response followed 2 minutes after the submission of question (or at at 2:32 am CST):

Customer service response within two minutes

I guess, a business like this truly deserves to be highlighted.

3 thoughts on “Google Suggest & FatWallet Achievement”

  1. Suprised it took the Out of Office reply two minutes, unless GazProm is slowing the traffic through the satellite repubs. Just kidding, but could not resist the opportunity. Hats’ off to Fat Wallet and thanks for the inspiration. Safe travels.

  2. Good one, Bill. LOL. 🙂

    It was actually a very personal reply. Pleasant surprise for me. I certainly didn’t expect them (or anyone on Sunday night) to respond back to me so quickly.

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