4Food – Social Media Restaurant With Affiliate Program

A couple of weeks ago, Manhattan’s Theater District has seen a grand opening of 4food which some have already christened a “social media restaurant” meaning that there’s “both a brick-and-mortar hamburger joint in Manhattan, and a community-oriented Website that supports the restaurant.”

SocialCitizens.org elaborates:

…4food [is] a fast food restaurant that says “meals are necessarily social events,” and means it. Customers can order online, on an iPad in the restaurant, and will soon be able to do so via their mobile phones. The menu board changes based on what’s most popular at the time and what ingredients are most available at that location. But 4food is not just a tech-savvy restaurant with a social media presence. Not only do they have community groups, a blog and active profiles on Facebook, Twitter and foursquare, 4food encourages and enables its burger-loving customers to become salesmen as well. [linking and underlining mine]

The underlined part is what I personally appreciate most of all here. If we go to 4food’s website, and point our cursor to the second circle, we will see this:


For every burger customer you send 4food, they will credit you 25 cents.

This is so natural, isn’t it? You have a follower, a loyal customer, or someone who really appreciates what you’re doing, why not enable that person to share the news about you, and earn on this marketing in the process?! That’s pure sensible affiliate marketing, and I am just surprised that not all online businesses are doing it yet. Is yours?

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