Graffly — Groupon-Type Solution for Affiliate Marketing

GrafflyNot too long ago I have found out about 2Performant, developers of “a CPA ad server” which is essentially another platform for in-house affiliate programs and affiliate networks. One of their newest products (not even launched yet), Graffly, is an interesting idea. So, I got together with Radu Spineanu of 2Performant who kindly agreed to walk me through Graffly.

Here is the full interview I did with him:

GP: Radu,  in  a  few words could you please tell my readers a bit more about yourself, where you work, and what you do?

RS: I am the Founder/CEO of 2Performant. 2Performant is a platform for affiliate networks, similar to HasOffers or Post Affiliate Pro.

I started 2Performant because I believe Cost per Action, affiliates and links are the future of online advertising. No matter how big CJ, LinkShare, Shareasale are right now, there is still room for CPA to create billion dollar companies. Zynga is an amazing example of the looming opportunities.

I’m constantly amazed of what great things affiliate marketers are doing. We want to give them incredible tools and access to new markets.

GP: Not too long ago, I’ve come across one of your developments, Graffly, which seems like an interesitng one. From a couple of our previous talks I know that you’re calling it “the Woot or Groupon for affiliate marketing”. Could you please elaborate on this parallel a little further?

RS: Graffly is our first project based on 2Performant.

Graffly is a short-term affiliate network with one running campaign each month. That campaign has a payout that’s significantly increased from the standard one for that one month.

For merchants it’s a way to advertise their regular affiliate program. They join Graffly and provide affiliates a huge payout for 30 days. If they get accepted, their campaign will be the only one affiliates can promote for that one month.

Affiliates will know that Graffly always has the best payout. And they’ll get introduced to great new merchants that otherwise they might have not known about.

Graffly doesn’t take 20% fee or anything like that. Our fee with Graffly is $89 fixed for that one month. We ask advertisers to give the extra amount to the affiliates.

Graffly will be launching on the 1st of November with David’s Cookies. They will be offering a 25% premium on all commissions. In December affiliates will be able to promote which will double their regular commission! That means 20% from all sales instead of 10%.

GP: Can you tell my readers a little more about Graffly’s App Store you were telling me about?

RS: Yes. Graffly will introduce affiliates and advertisers to our Apps Store. The App Store is filled with 3rd party apps that add functionality to Graffly like:

We want to give affiliates access to technology that was inaccessible until now.

Affiliates don’t have to pay up-front for most apps. Most of them take a percent from commissions if they send a valid lead. So if an affiliate agrees to use the Dynamic Banner app, any commission coming from that app will be split amongst the developer and the affiliate (eg. 20% – 80%).

Any developer can write an App and add it to the Apps Store.

GP: Sounds very interesting. Can advertisers use these Apps outside Graffly?

RS: Yes, the platform behind Graffly is offered as SaaS or remote-hosted solution. Details about pricing here.

GP: I appreciate your time, Radu. Best of luck, and looking forward to the launch of Graffly.

3 thoughts on “Graffly — Groupon-Type Solution for Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Maybe my morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, but I’m just confused. 🙂

    What happens after the one month ends? If the affiliate wants to continue with the merchant (affiliate acquisition would seem to be the long-term benefit to the merchant) they have to apply to whatever network the merchant is running on for the long-term relationship & change out their links?

    If an affiliate already has exisiting targeted traffic for the merchant’s vertical, then I can maybe see it. But many affiliate models require longer than a month to ascertain the performance of a merchant.

    Such a short-term approach seems a bit at odds establishing long-term partnerships, although I can see it possibly more appropriate for CPL vs CPS (ie think CPA networks vs traditional affiliate networks).

    Then again, maybe I’m just not awake enough.

  2. Kellie, good question. I believe 2Performant gives merchants access to affiliate contact info past that first month, and the merchant may then get things migrated to his main affiliate platform (a network or an in-house solution). Having said this, I have just emailed Radu a link to your comment; so that he could clarify this part.

    Also, I fully agree with your comment on the “short-term approach” not necessarily being the best route to “establishing long-term partnerships”. Again, maybe Radu will let us in on their strategy here too.

  3. Hey Kellie,

    Great question. A campaign ends once the last cookie expires. So for a November merchant with 30 days cookie life commissions can be registered until the 30th of December.

    Now, I understand what you mean about the hassle of adding links and changing them. Graffly is not for long term partnerships, but for trial runs. For getting to know great advertisers that you might want to promote later on.

    We provide tools that can be managed from Graffly without having to change links manually:
    * general snippets of code that randomly display banners, text ads, text links from the active campaign
    * ad groups for granularity in which the affiliate chooses the ads he wants and adds one snippet of code on his site. Once a campaign goes away the group doesn’t display the old banners but waits for affiliates to add the new ones they want.
    * bannenizer, behavioral targeting and so on provide one piece of code that is added once and then managed from the interface.

    For long term commitments we encourage affiliates to use the Advertisers regular campaigns.

    Hope I answered your question.

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