Clark Kent, Superman, and Geno in Glasses

A couple of days ago I’ve returned from ShareASale’s ThinkTank 2010, and it was an interesting experience. Not only because of the reasons listed in my previous “recap” post on the event, but also because many people couldn’t recognize me from the first glance. Here’s a good comment tweeted just yesterday by Greg Hoffman:

Greg Hoffman's tweet

Greg, I’ll take it as a compliment. 🙂 …and you weren’t the only one who was a bit confused.

Yes, I did start wearing glasses about three weeks ago (my 12-15-hour-a-day computer use did what it normally does), and on the day of wearing them for the first time, I posted on my Facebook profile:

Geno starts wearing glasses

And here’s a “before” and “after” picture too:

Geno Prussakov in glasses

So, now if at any conference you see a guy looking like me, but wearing glasses, have a look at the badge! It’s more than likely me. 🙂

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