Eastern European Affiliate Networks: Czech, Polish, Russian, etc

Eastern EuropeNot too long ago I have put together a list of European affiliate networks.

Apparently, the number of affiliate marketing networks servicing Eastern Europe is large enough to put together a separate blog post just on Eastern European countries.

Below you may find the list of the ones I was able to identify. If I have missed any that you know of, please do post about them in the “Comments” area.

Czech Republic

Greece, etc


  • Afilo
  • NetSales.pl
  • Novem
  • Tradedoubler
  • Zanox


  • Affiliate.hu


  • Affiliation.ro
  • 2Parale.ro


Other (and Multiple) Countries

  • 2Leva.bg (Bulgaria)
  • Adnations.co.uk (Czech Republic, Poland, etc)
  • AechMedia.com
  • Click2Sell.eu (Lithuania)
  • NetAffiliation (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc)
  • Sworp.com (UK-based, covering Slovakia, Poland, and Czech Republic)

35 thoughts on “Eastern European Affiliate Networks: Czech, Polish, Russian, etc”

  1. Yes, Eastern Europe is interesting market.
    In last months I can see, that also number of in-house affiliate programs is growing significantly in this region.
    In the past we got less than 0.1% of all sales from this region (we sell affiliate software) and now I start to see, that also Eastern European companies start to understand power of affiliate marketing and build their own affiliate programs more often as before.
    I’m sure the same rising can see owners of affiliate networks in this region.

  2. Hey there Geno,

    just a quick thank you for this thorough exercise!
    With the help of Google Translate I have managed to extract the basic information on the different companies:-)

    Keep up the good work,


  3. From what you did not mention – in Czech rep. there is a big affiliate program espoluprace.cz they have mostly financial stuff, mostly CPL based offers ranging $1-$5 per lead (credit cards, mortgages, insurance, loans) then there is invia.cz (travel, hotels)

  4. Hi Geno…

    Is there a site like clickbank in russian merket?
    I have 2 ebooks in russian language and want to promote them in Russian market through russian affiliates..

    Whats your opinion about it?

  5. Ok.

    If you can help me and do a small research for me, since i dont know russian. Any help would be a lot appriciated

    Whats your opinion about russian market in ebooks?

    1. As mentioned above, I don’t deal with eBooks (neither in the Western markets, nor on in the Russian one), but I’ll ask around, and if I find something out, I’ll let you know, George.

  6. Hi Geno,
    Interesting article! Do you know more about the fashion market and affiliate programms they run? For ex Lamoda and Otto? Is there a list of active affiliate programms in Russia?

  7. Hello there Geno. I would to suggest an addition to the Greek Affiliate Networks. ForestView was Formed in 2010 in Greece and is soperating across S.E. Europe. ForestView, is the performance marketing company of the Thinkdigital Group. We drive bottom line results for our clients by building mutually profitable relationships with our affiliate partners.

    I will be at your disposal for any further questions


    George Charalampakis

  8. I am from Lithuania and know all the affiliate programs in Lithuania. It is a pity, but Lithuanians still are not familiar with affiliate business. we have a couple of hosting affiliate programs, group discounts websites, event planners, amber jewelery, xxx dating and of course most powerful tradedoubler. The affiliate market is just in the birth stage here, so we have lots of interesting challenges in Lithuania.

    I myself work for the only event planning affiliate program, and see how Lithuanian webmasters work with affiliate marketing.

    1. Sounds like the situation (with affiliate marketing) in most former USSR republics now.

      Marius, so is TradeDoubler the only affiliate network that you have in Lithuania?

  9. Great info as always Geno! Thanks for sharing! Eastern Europe is maybe not the prime marketplace right now, but I believe there is a lot of potential there for the coming 3-5 years.

      1. Dear Geno,
        I love your blog!
        Don’ t forget NetAffiliation, it is one of the biggest affiliate platform and network in France, Poland, Brazil, Portugal and in many other countries. We are number number 3 in Poland, and we are growing really fast in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

          1. Hi Agata,
            NetAffiliation (and not Net Affiliate) in number 3 in Poland, far before Zanox and Nowem. We have an office there with a team of ten people and we are there since 5 years. So please review your coment 😉 What about your website, are you from Mars planet? 🙂

          2. Hi Julie,
            Can you give us the contact e-mail for NetAffiliation? Or please feel free and contact me at r.garnenkov(at)abv.bg
            I’m interested in running a campaign in Poland.
            Thank you

          3. Hi Julie, as we are in Poland with a lead generation site in the financial business we would like to get in contact with you guys

  10. Hi Geno,
    You can include in the list the company “2Leva”. Their website is 2leva.bg. This is the bulgarian version of 2Parale (the romanian one).
    Do you have any details on affiliate networks in Croatia?

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Geno- Glad I found this. I do a lot of affiliate marketing in the US mostly direct CPA and CPC. However right now I am living in Ukraine and believe there to be a lot of opportunity in the Russian speaking markets. There is always money to be made in the west however with the hyper competitive market I am wondering if the real opportunities lie in the east? Would love to talk to you more about this.

    Also, do you have any recommendations for networks with CPA CPS or CPL offers? Thanks

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