Funny (and Stupid) Spam Email Message

All of us receive spam via email. However, some of these messages are funnier than others, and yesterday I’ve received one of the funniest (or should I say “stupidest”?) ones I’ve ever seen.

Here’s an excerpt from it:

During our investigation and Auditing in the Bank, in my department I came across an abandoned sum of money (US$8,500.000.00) In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customers who died along with his entire family.

I wish to know if we can work together such that you can stand as his Next of Kin to a Fixed Deposit of US$8.5M which he made to our Bank. He died and left nobody behind as his Next of Kin.

Please get back to me with below email If you are interested as I will be suspending this account to avoid any trace. [underlining mine]

Can you remember of a funny / stupid spam email you’ve received recently?

2 thoughts on “Funny (and Stupid) Spam Email Message”

  1. For some reason I’m on a “mailing list” for a Chinese company making plastic moulds. Lucky for them that spam is cheap because there is no chance I’ll make an order.

    My favorite ones, however, are the completely nonsensical ones. The ones where it’s impossible to decipher any meaning whatsoever. No link, no number, nothing. No call to action. Just random words.

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