Affiliate Site Goes from Zero to US Average Yearly Salary

In case you haven’t seen Eric Nagel‘s tweet this morning, here it is:

Eric Nagel's tweet

This affiliate is selling his website. In my opinion, this project/site of his is a great proof of the fact that affiliate marketing is alive and kicking. Of course, the coupon/discount focus of the website (a huge advantage in any economy, but especially in current one) is one of it’s biggest advantages. Another one (equally important) is that it is automated to display only the most current deals.

Traffic-wise within under a year the site went form zero to as many as ~6,700 unique visitors per month:

Compete traffic report

Earnings-wise it appears that it has gone from zero to $37,000 within one year. That’s approximately an average yearly salary in the US (which judging by the data from the Department of Labor and the US Social Security Administration is around the $40,000 mark):

Earnings report

Impressive job, Eric! Good luck on the sale, and thank you for this example which clearly illustrates that with proper approach and persistence an affiliate marketer can still quit their day job in a year.

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