2010 Gratitude Index. What Are You Thankful For?

Everyone — regardless of whether they celebrate Thanksgiving today or not — is thankful for something. Be it a spouse, children, parents, Facebook, affiliate marketing, or anything else, you gotta be thankful for something in life. Otherwise, can your living really be called life?

In an attempt to systematize what people are thankful for ThankfulFor.com has put together a 55-pages long report on the subject. Their analysts “identified over 40 separate themes” which they “then grouped into 10 overarching topics” from people and experiences to feelings, technology, and much more [here]. The report is called The 2010 Gratitude Index and you may view it in its entirety here at Scribd

However, if you’re visual learner, thanks to good folks at JESS3 (how could anybody not be thankful for technology and those who put it to good use?!) we have the following easy-to-digest infographic on what people are thankful for:

2010 Gratitude Index

Looking back at 2010 (most of which is already over), what are you thankful for?

In rank of my personal priorities I personally would say: my daughter and wife, my parents and immediate family, my life, and my job.

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