3 Types of Bloggers & Online Content Publishers

A new issue of FeedFront Magazine has come out last week, and on page 62 of it I talk of the three main types of content publishers (bloggers certainly included):

1. Reporters — love to write about breakthrough ideas and technologies, new studies, and fresh statistical data. They love to announce, analyze, and draw conclusions or provide commentary of their own.

2. Theoreticians — they are about connecting the dots between scientific researches/studies and our day-to-day reality.

3. Coaches — teachers that share their generally experience-based “how-to” knowledge with readers who want to master in this or that subject.

More in the article, and here’s a shot of it:

Prussakov's article on content publishers: types and objectives

You may also find (and enjoy) the full issue of this FeedFront here. Thanks to Missy Ward for also including my thoughts into her “Is Your Social Media Expert a Fraud” on page 9.

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