Affiliate Summit West 2011 in Portrait Pictures

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Just a couple of days ago I returned from an extremely busy, information- and meetings-packed Affiliate Summit West 2011. However, this post isn’t going to be about the lessons learned or sessions attended. For the first time ever I had a truly great camera on me (a Sony Alpha55 with a couple of great lenses) and took a good number of pictures which turned out to be of pretty decent quality.

Today I’d like to bring you 7 handpicked ones to show you Affiliate Summit West 2011 in portrait pictures. So, sit back and enjoy:

Jim Kukral opens up the conference

Jim Kukral

Drew Eric Whitman’s keynote speech

Drew Eric Whitman

“Leverage Personal Brand for Affiliate Success” panelists
(from left to right: Marty Fahncke, Jim Kukral, Barbara Rozgonyi and myself)

Leverage Personal Brand for Affiliate Success panelists

$5,000 donated to Affiliate Marketers Give Back
(from left to right: Jon Shugart, Jeremy Shoemaker, Missy Ward, Shawn Collins, Jim Kukral)

Check to Affiliate Marketers Give Back

Eric Nagel, Daniel Clark, Lisa Picarille, Joe Sousa

Eric Nage, Daniel Clark, Lisa Picarille, Joe Sousa

Todd Farmer Awarded “Affiliate Marketing Legend”

Todd Farmer

Brian Solis’ keynote

Brian Solis

I have many more pictures uploaded (and more coming soon) to AM Navigator’s ASW11 photo album here.

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  1. Shawn, Daniel, Greg, thank you for these comments. I’ve selected a little over 70 pictures to upload. Got about 40 added to the above-quoted photo album on Facebook so far. New ones coming soon…

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