Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Best 5 Video Ads

Just as last year, I’m posting my own ranking of the best Super Bowl video commercials (this time I’m doing 5, not 3 like last year). However, in 2011 I’m happy to have a chance to do it not after the big game, but seven hours before it. Thanks to Mashable, we know which video ads we’re gonna see well before the Super Bowl.

So, 6.5 hours before the start of the big game, here’s my ranking of the top 5 video ads, these 1-minute-or-under masterpieces:

#5 — Careerbuilder “Parking Lot” commercial

#4 — Kia Optima “One Epic Ride” ad

#3 — Doritos “Pug Attack” commercial

#2 — Volkswagen “The Force” video ad

#1 — “The Reviews Are In” commercial

Have my picks matched yours?

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Best 5 Video Ads”

  1. Good list Geno. My top three are all on there. Although I wasn’t such a big fan of the Doritos Pug Attack ad. It seemed to take forever and you knew the door would break or the dog would come through the window and the guy would get what he deserved. So, that one was a dud for me.

    I also posted my three worst this morning – (either ad), Chevy Cruze – Status, and the Doritos finger licking guy.

    Special award for weirdness to LivingSocial for the ad during the pregame show. Not sure it makes me want to join the site, but it was memorable.

    1. I agree with that comment on the Doritos Pug Attack ad, Tom. I changed my mind after seeing it on the big screen, but it was too late to change the post (that went live hours before the game)…

      So which 3 are your top 3 ones? Let me guess: (1) Volkswagen’s “The Force” (2)’s “The Reviews Are In”, and (3) Kia Optima “One Epic Ride”.

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