Branding Done Right: ShareASale Case

As I was packing for PubCon South 2011 at Austin (8-9 March) — where I will be speaking on the affiliate management components the majority of merchants miss — I told my wife that I should order more business cards soon, as I’m running low on them. My daughter (important: who accompanied me on my travels to three affiliate marketing conferences before) hearing our brief conversation went to her room and draw me a “business card”.

It looks like this:

See that star and “ShareASale” written on me (I assume that is me)? Well, that’s an exemplary case of branding done right, ladies and gentlemen! Even my 7-year-old daughter knows that when we’re talking “Daddy’s conference”, there’s gotta be “ShareASale” somewhere there. …and she is right! They sponsored most of the Affiliate Summits I’ve been too, and they’re also on the list of this PubCon‘s sponsors. Branding done right, no doubt about it.

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