20 Twitter Lists for Online Marketers to Follow

Regardless of what type of online marketing you are involved in, I am certain you will benefit from at least a few of the lists I’ve put together in the past. Today I’ve decided to compile them all into one big list (for better digestibility and use). You may find the list below. If you don’t see a topic/area covered, please do post about it in the “Comments” area under the post, and I will make sure to work on it in the nearest future.

Now here is my compilation (in no particular order):

20 Twitter Lists for Online Marketers to Follow

  1. 10 Twitter Hashtags for Online Marketers
  2. 10 SEO Experts and Resources
  3. 10 Web Design Accounts to Follow
  4. 7 Conversion Optimization Experts
  5. 20 Must-Follow Web Analytics Accounts
  6. 10 Affiliate Marketing Accounts
  7. 10 Usability Experts to Follow
  8. 10 Email Marketing Experts
  9. 10 Neuromarketing Experts to Follow
  10. 10 Marketing Professors on Twitter
  11. 5 Blogging Experts to Follow
  12. 5 Competitive Intelligence Tools
  13. 15 Must-Follow Mobile Marketing Experts
  14. 15 Internet Law Attorneys & Resources
  15. 25 Small Business Advice Twitter Accounts
  16. 7 Branding and PR Experts
  17. Top 10 Online Retail Brands on Facebook & Twitter
  18. 8 Must-Follow Accounts on Writing
  19. 15 Twitter Accounts for Marketer’s Daily Reading
  20. Digital Marketer’s Twitter 100+ Master List

Once again, if I have overlooked an important topic (or area closely related to digital marketing) that belongs here, please post about it below. Many thanks in advance.

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