Microblogging Milestone & Affiliate Marketing Word Associations

Wow… It seems that I’ve grown into a pretty talkative microblogger. Per #wdyjt, I’ve been on Twitter for 1,041 days, and in the course of this time I’ve already tweeted for 15,000 times:

It has been a greatly rewarding experience, and I highly recommend microblogging to everyone who loves making connections, educating yourself on an ongoing basis, as well as sharing your knowledge with others. Focused use of Twitter can yield invaluable fruit providing for a real-time monitoring of your industry news and developments, as well as a lot of great education on the subject(s) of your interest.

I thought it would be nice to commemorate my microblogging milestone by starting a Word Association game; but not exactly in the way it’s normally played. In my game let’s list the words and phrases (including negative ones, or fallacies) with which affiliate marketing associates for you.

I’ll start with my 15 words (in no particular order):

  1. freedom
  2. flexibility
  3. get-rich-quick
  4. expertise
  5. performance
  6. sales
  7. niches
  8. measurable
  9. outsource
  10. unmanageable workforce
  11. professional secrets
  12. hammock
  13. laptop
  14. home
  15. autopilot income

Care to join me? If so, please use the “Comments” are below to add your associative words and phrases. Maybe together we’ll be able reach 15,000 associations as well. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Microblogging Milestone & Affiliate Marketing Word Associations”

  1. 16. dedication
    17. tedious
    18. communication
    19. relationships
    20. content
    21. creative
    22. value
    23. growth
    24. seo
    25. newsletters
    26. motivation
    27. contests
    28. productive
    29. cookies
    30. evolution

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