How to Evaluate Affiliate Applications

I am currently training an in-house affiliate program manager who has been hired to manage an affiliate program in the Flowers & Gifts vertical/category.

As we’re going through the process, she is asking some good questions. Her following ones about affiliate applications inspired this blog post:

What type of affiliates do you decline? One application that is pending has a website related to “all things running.” Do you approve these types of sites, even when their site is not a good match for a program? What other things do you primarily look out for?

There is one affiliate where her URL is not correct so I’m unable to view her site. What do you do in this situation?

Both — excellent questions.

1. Generally, I do not decline affiliates that have websites on something not directly relevant to what the merchant is selling. The main reason being that often affiliates have many more websites that those they have listed or have room to list on their affiliate network’s profile. So, I would approve the one with the site on “all things running” but, as with any affiliate, keep monitoring them closely.

2. The following five articles of mine should help you understand what red flags to look for (when reviewing affiliate applications), and assist you in developing your affiliate applications evaluation strategy:

3. In situations when the only URL that’s listed leads to an inaccessible website, I write to the affiliate, give them some 2-3 days to reply, and if/when there’s no reply, decline.

Hope other affiliate program managers will find this post of help as well.

By they way, should you be interested in having me train your in-house affiliate manager (or managing your program), do let me know.

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