a4uexpo Europe 2011: Video, Recap, First Feedback

Flew into the gorgeous Munich, Germany this morning, already had a few great meetings, and given my presentation on the website, affiliate program, and affiliate management components that predetermine affiliate program’s success or failure. I’ve split these into two groups: 7 merchant essentials and 7 management mistakes. Here’s a quick recap:

Merchant Essentials

  1. Leak-free website
  2. Affiliate program agreement
  3. Dedicated landing pages
  4. Competitive commission
  5. Fair cookie life
  6. Safeguarding tracking code
  7. Advance notifications

Management Mistakes

  1. Managing affiliates
  2. Failing to police compliance
  3. Poorly-worded approval emails
  4. Hard-to-reach performance goals
  5. Commission drops
  6. Failing to test & optimize landing pages
  7. Not managing proactively

In case you’ve already heard that I started my presentation in German, it’s absolutely so, and here’s proof:

Judging by the Twitter shout-outs that I’ve seen, it seems that the audience (some 100 listeners, by my estimates) enjoyed the presentation:

Thank you, everyone! You’ve been awesome listeners!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it as well; and looking forward to the rest of a4uexpo Europe.

2 thoughts on “a4uexpo Europe 2011: Video, Recap, First Feedback”

  1. Looks like a great presentation Geno! I hope to see the rest of it. Your German sounds great to me!

    Great to see that the number one Merchant Essential is a Leak-Free Website.


    1. Thank you, Gretchen. I believe the a4uexpo folks were video-taping the whole thing. So, hoping that recording will be available in full online too. I’ll definitely keep my blog’s readers posted on this.

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