Winners of $1,700 Photo-With-The-Book Contest

A month and a half ago I announced a photo contest for the best picture with my newest book, “Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day” [details here]. Thank you to those of you who participated. The day has come for me to announce the winners (based on the votes cast here).

……..and the winners of our awesome prizes are:

FIRST PLACEDan Herman from Florida with his “best affiliate marketing book at the best beach” picture:

SECOND PLACEStephen Daimler from Pennsylvania with his below baby alligator picture:

To both of the above guys: I’m honored that you have made me (or my book) a part of your vacation!

…and THIRD PLACEEric Nagel from New York state (I believe, Eric’s was actually the very first customer picture posted on my book page; so, thank you for starting it all!):

All winners, please email me to claim your prizes. We have some amazing ones there for you! Thanks again for your participation, congratulations, and see you at Affiliate Summit East 2011 in New York City!!

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