Todd Farmer & Kirsty McCubbin Review "Affiliate Management Hour"

I’m honored, and can’t help but blog about the latest two reviews of my newest book published less than a week apart. Why? Well, first and foremost, because because of the people they came from.

Last Wednesday Todd Farmer, winner of Affiliate Summit’s 2011 Affiliate Marketing Legend award [more on these awards here], posted his review, starting it with:

I really don’t know how Geno does it.

Not only is he consistently blogging on Affiliate Marketing and managing his OPM Clients, he’s a dedicated family man.

So, how he found the time to squeeze in the writing of one of the most comprehensive books on Affiliate Management that I’ve ever read — is beyond me…

It did mean a year-long sacrifice of many things for me, and I appreciate someone noticing. You may read Todd’s full review at his website here.

Today a new review came from another part of the world. An Australia-based affiliate marketer, Kirsty McCubbin, owner of, winner of a4uAwards 2010 affiliate marketing blog of the year prize [more on these awards here], wrote:

…when I started reading this book after work one evening I couldn’t put the darned thing down and burned my way through 200 pages before bedtime!

It’s so well written and is absolutely jam packed with useful facts and figures to back up the “why” of all the great information on “how” a programme should be effectively managed. The process was broken down into tasks which I thought was a great approach for what can seem like a very complex and involved job. One of the most striking things for me was how Geno had managed to keep the language simple and the tone personal and warm. There was a lot there that really cued you to think about how you personally would fit into and take on the role of affiliate manager.

It was brilliant affiliate brain fodder for anyone in affiliate management — and not just beginners. The volume of information is such that I’d be very surprised if managers of every level didn’t get at least something out of it to add to their knowledge base.

Thank you, Kirsty. That was exactly my idea — to create a volume that would work for every affiliate program manager, regardless of their level of professional maturity. You may read Kirsty’s full review at blog here.

Obviously, the above words mean a lot to me, and especially because of the people they came from. Thank you, Todd! Thank you, Kirsty!

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