7 Affiliate Marketers Nominated as Small Business Influencers 2011

I know, this post may seem like I’m shooting myself in the foot (as technically I compete in this with every one of them), but I’m truly proud to see these folks nominated, and being an affiliate marketing blogger I simply must put together this blog post.

In case you haven’t heard, Small Business Trends and Small Biz Technology have recently launched a new initiative whereby, with the support of BlackBerry for Business, the votes of folks like yourself, and contribution from an esteemed judging panel, they want to arrive at a list of 100 “companies, organizations and people who have made a significant impact on the North American small business market”. The initiative bears the name of the “Small Business Influencer 2011”, and you may read more about it here.

There are 520 nominations total, but today out of all of these I’d like to draw your attention to the following seven. The reason is simple. They are all affiliate marketers, and it is good to see them on the list of nominees. Please express your support of them by casting your votes (it takes literally two seconds per person, and no registration is required). Here’s the list (in the alphabetical order) with the reasons why they were nominated:

  1. Shawn Collins [Twitter] — He “has led the way for the affiliate industry through innovation and experience and serves as an advocate for this multi-billion dollar industry that provide revenue streams for many thousands of small businesses.”
  2. Rae Hoffman-Dolan [Twitter] — She “one of the veterans of Internet marketing. Her specialty, however, is affiliate marketing. She has educated thousands of small business owners about this particular type of Internet marketing and showed them, step-by-step, how to make money online as Internet entrepreneurs.”
  3. Lisa Irby [Twitter] — She “has been helping small business owners launch their websites for many years. On her website 2CreateAWebsite, Irby offers free advice via ebooks, video tutorials, and a blog. She also runs a Webmaster’s forum – Website Babble.”
  4. Jim Kukral [Twitter] — He “has educated millions of small businesses (and others) through his online writing and live speeches since 2001.”
  5. Geno Prussakov [Twitter] — His “activity is changing the ways businesses do affiliate marketing, steering them to run their companies and campaigns in an educated, and hence, a more effective way.”
  6. Lynn Terry [Twitter] — She “received the May 2003 Best of Success Award at Total Life Success, and is a contributing author to the #1 Best-Seller titled Wake Up… Live the Life You Love! She has been featured on Entrepreneur Magazine’s home biz talk radio show, as well as several other talk shows through both wsRadio and World Talk Radio”
  7. Missy Ward [Twitter] — “As a successful small business owner, Missy has led the way in the industry and inspired thousands and thousands of people to find their own success on the Web.”

Thanks in advance for your support (you may vote every 24 hours!); and best of luck to all of the above nominees in making the final list.

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