Affiliate Summit East 2011 – Quick Recap and Pictures

As you know, I’ve just returned from Affiliate Summit East 2011, and it’s been another great Summit. This was the largest New York one to date (with nearly 4,000 attendees) with plenty of excellent opportunities for networking and connecting with new clients and partners, great food, amazing keynotes and seminars, and good breakout sessions too. It is also hard to beat New York City when you’re talking a “premier” business spot (on earth!)

I also took quite a number of pictures, and here are just a few of my favorite ones:


Daniel M. Clark (session: “Affiliate Improv!”)

Jen Goode, Mike Buechele (session: “Affiliate Improv!”)

Bryan Eisenberg (keynote session)

Scott Jangro (session: “Social Media in Niche Markets”)

Peter Hamilton, Kimberlee White, Sarah de Diego (session: “Do-Not-Track? Not-So-Fast”)

You may view the full album of over sixty Affiliate Summit East 2011 pictures at Enjoy, and make sure to tag the people you know.

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    1. I enjoyed it too, Ashley. I was also happy to see him use the same format that I did — very practical, full of real-life examples, and to-the-point recommendations. Have fun implementing his tips!

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