What Soviet Pasta Can Teach About Management

Earlier this week Shawn Collins posted about an Affiliate Summit session I did nearly two years ago at Affiliate Summit West 2010 in Las Vegas, NV. That session was entitled 20 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes To Avoid, and you may now view it in full, and free of charge, on YouTube here (with the corresponding slide deck uploaded to SlideShare here).

Today, however, I’d like to draw your attention to a quick illustration/summary — of how to and how not to manage your affiliate program, your online or offline business — I provided at the very end of that presentation. If you’ve heard me speak before, you know how much I love unexpected parallels. So, this particular one came from my experience with USSR-made pasta… It won’t take more than 100 seconds of your time:

Yes, by all means, do think several steps ahead in your management, but don’t feed your followers “Soviet pasta” in the process. It just doesn’t go down well.

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