What People Think Affiliate Marketers Do

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Starting from the beginning of this month a “What I Really Do” meme has been going around (spread especially actively via Facebook), reflecting “a range of preconceptions associated with” various fields of “occupation or expertise” — from photographers and graphic designers to directors and entrepreneurs [more here].

So I’ve decided to put one together for affiliates too:

Have I missed anything/anyone?

15 thoughts on “What People Think Affiliate Marketers Do

  1. That is a nice graphic. I’m interested in what pictorial you have in mind for “What my children think I do?”. 🙂 It is often interesting to see the sketches by children of what their parents do.

  2. Chris, David, Sharon, glad you’ve enjoyed it. Speaking of what kids think, I actually held a contest on this topic back in 2009, and you can review it here. May be I will, indeed, create a “pictorial” to go with some of the entries submitted then. Thank you for the idea.

    1. Geno, Thanks for referring me to that other page – it was an interesting read. Trying to explain what I used to do in the corporate world was even harder to explain to my parents. It took years for them to finally understand “software” – the simple answer for years was that I made telephones ring.

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