Creativity in Everyday Work or Zombie Apocalypse as Incentive

Yesterday afternoon, a friend, foodie blogger, and fellow marketer, Patrick Vesperman — who also happens to be the senior marketing analyst in charge of’s affiliate program — posted an amusing thing on his Facebook wall. Here it is (with his permission):

I have no way of knowing whether the author of the above-quoted affiliate recruitment letter was joking or not — however you may feel about things like the Mayan End Times “prophecy” (aka 2012 phenomenon) or the Zombie Apocalypseso, I’ll assume they were being creative but, needless to say, their approach grabbed attention. They certainly weren’t being cliché-esque or boring.

Managers: How creative are you in your affiliate recruitment (or other routine work)?

Affiliates: Can you share examples of other creative approaches to recruitment?

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