2 Hidden Gems for (Free) Affiliate Recruitment

Affiliate recruitment is (or should be) an integral part of every affiliate program manager’s routine. And while some managers get away with what I call passive recruitment (e.g.: having new affiliates join the program via affiliate program directories, or affiliate program description page), nothing beats active affiliate recruitment. There are numerous techniques to employ in the latter [see my posts on the subject here], but today I’d like to draw your attention to two underutilized ones which I haven’t yet written about. None of these require additional monetary investment; and both really do yield fruit. Here they are (in no particular order):

1. Corporate Social Media Presence – Tweet the news about the affiliate program from a relevant Twitter account, and then have the main company account RT these [example here]. This way you’ll be reaching out to their Twitter followers. You can see how we’re doing it at @AMNavigator. Do the same on Facebook too (post stuff, and have them “Share” your posts on their corporate fan page). Don’t tweet/share everything, but the really exciting stuff: high affiliate commissions (erasing any sensitive information from your screenshots), affiliate bonus campaigns, hot products, you get the idea.

2. Coupons & Deals Listings – Here I am referring to affiliate network-based directories and listings. Commission Junction, for example, offers merchants/advertisers an opportunity to get featured in their CJ Monthly newsletter (provided you have a compelling promo tied to a specific holiday or cause). A recent inclusion of our newer client’s offer in it has yielded a 50% affiliate sales increase. ShareASale also has its Coupons & Deals Database (highlighting Cyber Monday/Black Friday offers in a separate category).Check with your affiliate network to see what they offer in this regard.

If you aren’t employing the above two, you’re missing out. Do look into starting using them this week.

While (however unfortunately) it isn’t customary for affiliate managers to share their “tips” with colleagues, I do it, and applaud others who do the same. If you have anything other “hidden gems” to add to the above two, be my guest (and do so using the “Comments” area below).

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