UN Foundation Selects Affiliate Marketing Platform for Tracking

It isn’t often that affiliate marketers get to work with major non-profit foundations of the highest caliber. So, as soon as I have found out that HasOffers has been chosen by the United Nations Foundation “to manage, track, and optimize digital media campaigns” [source] I’ve reached out to Peter Hamilton we’ve interviewed before — who is now the CEO of HasOffers — to interview him about this news.

This morning I am happy to bring you the interview:

GP: First off, congratulations on starting to work with the United Nations, Peter! HasOffers seems like an interesting choice for the UN Foundation for tracking their campaign performance. What where their main reasons for choosing you?

PH: First off, if you haven’t checked out the Global Good Challenge, do it now. It is an incredible non-profit campaign with donations for promotional inventory that users interact with for chances to win prizes. All the while, making money for those in need around the world. This is obviously a sophisticated social media campaign, designed and implemented by knowledgeable people who approached HasOffers looking for an accurate, real-time tracking system to optimize and manage their online campaigns from various distribution partners. HasOffers had the features and scalability they needed as well as a simple implementation.

GP: Can you explain how exactly the Global Good Challenge works?

PH: The GGC operates a lot like incentivized campaigns you’ve seen before, and it all goes to help those in need. People answer questions, like and follow these promotional partners, and get tickets for winning prizes like VIP tickets to Shows, a Madden Signed Football, a Lady Gaga meet and greet and more. For this user engagement, these partners donate to the UN Foundation. It’s a triple win for everyone. People in Need + Promotional Parnters + People at Home

GP: So, what does this mean for HasOffers?

PH: It isn’t every day that a B2B software made for performance/affiliate marketing gets to work with a non-profit campaign of this scale and stature. We are honored to be a part of it. We’ve worked with several digital non-profits in the past and we hope to continue to provide value to organizations like these who intelligently utilize technology, marketing, partnerships, and the social connections provided by the Internet to make a massive impact on the world.

GP: Finally, how can people get involved with the Global Good Challenge?

PH: Honestly, the best way is just go play. Visit www.unf.org/good, pick a prize to play for. I answered challenge questions about Malaria for a chance to win tickets to the Lion King. It’s pretty amazing how it educates, incentivizes users, and provides donations for those in need.

GP: Thank you for your time, Peter. Keep up the good work!

Once again, congratulations to HasOffers on this partnership. This is a really impressive news — on so many fronts.

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