Affiliate Marketing Tactics Every Beginner Should Know

The first thing a new affiliate marketer needs to know is how to properly operate the business. This is the most crucial part, since the foundation needs to be strong in order to sustain the venture in the long run. If you make a good and stable start, the return for your investments will materialize.

With this in mind, our affiliate marketing lesson for today focuses on the techniques and tactics every affiliate marketer should know.

Polish Your Promotional Skills

An affiliate marketer is almost the same as a traditional marketer—their main goal is to be able to generate revenues by having people purchase their goods. One of the top skills that you need to hone then is your promotion skills.

It is very easy to pick a product you want to promote. The tricky part is creating the “need” for your product. Promotional skills include knowledge on where to put your advertisement to ensure maximum exposure, making your ads look unique and noticeable,  as well as knowing which products are marketable in your chosen niche.

Establish the How’s

All businesses revolve around one end goal. That is, to generate a high ROI. As a new affiliate marketer, you need to establish the following “how’s”:

  • How are you going to earn?
  • How much will you earn?
  • How will you start earning?
  • How much are you going to get paid?

These questions will only be answered by doing extensive research. Before deciding on anything, make sure that you do the necessary research first. Find the answers to your “how” questions. Do not proceed if one question is left unanswered.

In order to answer these, you can utilize various resources like blogs, online articles, video tutorials, and even affiliate marketing forums. You can even interview those who have already succeeded in this kind of venture.

Decide Which Network You Want To Join

After all the research is done and all the questions answered, the next thing you need to do is to decide which affiliate program you want to join. It is always wise to get to know the processes and the policies of the networks that run these programs. This is more so that you can reassure yourself that you are not getting scammed.

Another smart move is choosing several affiliate programs so that you can check and see which one is more profitable. Be extra cautious, however. When I say “several,” that means a manageable several—about two or three would be fine for starters.

Know Which Product You’re Going to Sell

Based on your research, what is the most marketable product today? Do not take risks of offering products that are not useful or even remotely associated with the site where you will advertise it. For example, advertising an online tutorial for dress making will not fare well on a site where people talk about cars and gadgets.

Learn to position your pitch, draw your target, and lure them in. You will only be able to do this if the product and the site is related.

Generate Traffic

To attract people to the site where your advertisement is located, you have to make sure that people will actually visit the site. One good way to do this is by offering free tutorial videos, as well as newsletters and other valuable content.

Make it a note to share the content to your friends, and have them share it to other people as well. Another thing you need to make sure is the consistency and the relevance of the site’s content to your product.

These are just some of the basic things every new affiliate marketer should know. Keep in mind that it is not the amount of advertisement you place, but the amount of time you put in to make quality advertisements.

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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Tactics Every Beginner Should Know”

  1. Hi Kyle,
    Thanks for the nice and informative article. You are right, we need to decide upfront about how to monetize our site. After all, it’s a business. So we really should work on that upfront and all that should go into consideration. However, I highly recommend to spread wild – problem is that if an affiliate program shuts you down you lose income.

  2. I am just starting with AM and grabbing the free information like this one and no doubt even the free resources are worth of reading and following to become a successful in any industry.

    Thanks for your efforts and helping me out.

  3. Great post, Kyle.

    It’s clear concise and to the point. These really are some simple steps but you have to be consistent in your efforts to turn affiliate marketing into a viable income stream. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic with our bizsugar community.


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