10 Reasons Why You Must Attend Affiliate Management Days

Over the past few days, as I was spreading the word that the time to register for AM Days SF 2013 at Early Bird discounts is running out, a number of people have asked me the why question — the big Why one, as I read it — or “Why would I even want to attend this conference?”

Of course, I could send them to the conference’s Press Room, or my numerous interviews where the question was answered from various angles. But then I thought: Who could characterize the show better than those who have already attended it? Clearly, no one! So, today I’d like to bring you the reasons to attend Affiliate Management Days in the words of those who have experienced the conference first-hand.

10 Reasons to Attend Affiliate Management Days

1. Connect & Catch Up

“The Affiliate Management Days conference is a great chance for me to connect with other Affiliate managers in the industry while getting caught up on the latest trends. I found the speakers to be of high caliber and the sessions relevant to the many different swathes of affiliate programs out there.” — Ned Farra, Online Partnership Extraordinaire, Zappos

2. Concentrate / Focus

“It was great to strictly focus on affiliate management topics and issues, without any distractions. The topics dealt with current industry opportunities, such as mobile, video and complex fraud detection, all taught by experts in those areas. Networking was outstanding!” — Jeannine Crooks, Account Manager, Affiliate Window

3. Learn from Successes of Others

“AM Days is a fantastic conference for performance marketing professionals. The speakers offered detailed insights into optimizing current performance programs, but also gave impassioned talks and examples on how to grow the industry. Within 2 weeks the connections and learning’s have already “converted’ into new business. I look forward to attending again.” — David Burke, Head of Partnerships, iNC Network

4. Get Fascinated (Again)

“Fascinating topics in affiliate industry.” — Ryota Kojima, Vice Group Manager, Rakuten LinkShare

5.  Awaken to Possibilities

“There were some techniques presented that I was already subconsciously aware of but might not have put into practice, yet. This conference helped shed light and awaken my senses to the endless possibilities for growing our Affiliate Program.” — Brian Schwartz, Affiliate Manager, LivePerson, Inc.

6. Perfect Your Strategy

“I attended AM Days and can’t rave about it enough. As I’m new to the affiliate world, the 12+ hours of concentrated learning has made all the difference in our development and strategy.” — Deborah A. Cincotta, Founder and CEO, Totefish

7. Invest (to Gain in Return)

“The information gained from this conference was well worth the investment to attend.” — Benjamin Louie, Advertising Executive, PlentyOfFish

8. Maximize Results

“AM Days is a great event for affiliate managers to compare notes and maximize results from their affiliate programs.”  — Chris Goward, CEO, WiderFunnel

9. Network with Phenomenal Attendees

“The caliber of speakers and attendees was phenomenal and the intimate setting was perfect for networking with a great group of quality folk.” — Sarah Bundy, CEO, Affiliate Management Trainers Inc.

10. Be a Part of One-of-a-Kind Conference

“There is really only one conference that provides top-notch strategies and information for Affiliate Management professionals, and that is AM Days. After going to the conference, I left with proven strategies, ideas, and tips to help my current and future affiliate programs. Really, I have never seen another event that leaves the participants with so much good knowledge.” — Taylor Barr,  Affiliate Manager, A Small Orange


You may preview the upcoming San Francisco (Apr 16-17) conference here in PDF or here in HTML. And use code GENO when you register. It’ll give you additional $250 off your pass. Yes, on top of the Early Bird rate which ends tomorrow, February 22, 2013.

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  2. Hey Geno just wanted to say thanks for your guide you wrote. We just launched our affiliate program.

    Just wanted to say thank you as your guide was a big help.

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