Affiliate Coupon Code Compliance Guide Developed and Released

Whether you call them coupons, vouchers or promo codes, the customer demand for them is hot. The debate around the value of coupon affiliates, however, is even hotter. The dilemma for online merchants may be summarized as follows:

Is it even possible to have productive partnerships with coupon affiliates?

Some believe it is not. Others (including yours truly) argue: “It’s all about the approach.”

Coupon Compliance Guide from BrandVerityIt is great to see that amidst all of this, BrandVerity develops and releases a Coupon Code Compliance guide — one that focuses specifically on the question of “maintaining productive partnerships with coupon affiliates.”

It’s a quick (just 11 pages of pure content if you don’t count the index and the resources pages) but laser-focused read on the topic which covers (i) risks and threats posed by coupon codes, (ii) signs of coupon risks and abuse, (iii) strengths and limitations of common preventive measures, and (iv) practical advise on how merchants should structure their approach to the subject.

You may request the full PDF free of charge here.

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