Free Paid Search Monitoring for Google Affiliate Network Merchants

As Google Affiliate Network (GAN) is shutting down its operations, many are attempting to “monetize” on this. Affiliate networks are fighting for the attention of GAN advertisers, OPM agencies are extending their compelling migration offers to soon-to-be-former GAN merchants, but one company’s approach really stood out to me.

As of yesterday afternoon, BrandVerity is offering GAN advertisers a complimentary no-strings-attached monitoring of GAN affiliates in paid search through the end of July (which is when the affiliate network is scheduled to be decommissioned).

I have spoken with  David Naffziger, CEO of BrandVerity, about this offer, and here’s an important thought he had to point out:

We know that the GAN compliance team has already been reassigned so we’re expecting naughty affiliates to take advantage of the reduced oversight.

Hence, this “free paid search monitoring” offer. You may learn more about it by clicking the screenshot below:

BrandVerity for GAN Advertisers

Taking into account that BrandVerity’s typical free trial is 2 weeks, this 100+ days offer is not only generous, but also noteworthy (due to its underlying focus on the industry’s good).

Disclaimer: I don’t get any compensation for this post; but, as a long-time BrandVerity’s user I highly recommend that every GAN advertiser takes advantage of this offer.

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