Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Influencers: How Much Twitter Owes Them

TIME has come up with a fun calculator to estimate “how much money Twitter owes you” (hat tip to Bryan Eisenberg for Tweeting about it).

Twitter account valueBasically, they divided Twitter‘s $24.9 billion value by the number of daily Tweets (circa 200 billion), arriving at 12.45 cents “per daily eyeball on the site” [source] and then based on the number of Tweets an account has generated, as well as the age of the account (in days) and the number of followers, the calculator arrives at your “potential eyeballs per day,” assumes a 25% attention rate, and based on the 12.45ยข per daily eyeball, comes up with the account’s value.

So, for a break, I sat down and plugged Twitter handles of the top 20 influencers on affiliate marketing (per Klout) into the calculator, and here are the values I’ve arrived at:

  1. Shawn Collins – $13,390
  2. Affiliate Summit – $8,820
  3. Commission Junction – $884
  4. Missy Ward – $6,947
  5. Rae Hoffman – $14, 408
  6. Larry Wentz – $46,083
  7. Lynn Terry – $9,341
  8. Jonathan Volk – $1,801
  9. Jeremy Shoemaker – $29,623
  10. Rosalind Gardner – $295
  11. Geno Prussakov – $4,037
  12. Zac Johnson – $812
  13. Tricia Myer – $453
  14. Affiliate Window – $2,241
  15. John Chow – $29,957
  16. AffiliateTools – $0
  17. Eric Nagel – $970
  18. James Martell – $1,816
  19. Ad Hustler – $1,317
  20. Matthew Wood – $551

I am stunned at the range of amounts that this calculator yields. If we were to remove the dollar signs and treat these as scores (say on a 50,000-points’ scale; judging by a relative value of the content these accounts bring to the table) in some cases I would agree, while in others — strongly disagree. Of course, I could say the same about the above-quoted Klout’s list too.

Obviously, the tool is a great link bait on TIME’s part. But is it itself valuable (to you)?

How much is your Twitter account worth, and how does it compare to the above?

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