Commission Junction Introduces New Affiliate Tool: Product Widgets

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Commission Junction affiliates will now notice a new tab in their “Account Manager” interface — one devoted to “Widgets.”

Amazon has had these forever. Some other affiliate networks have been offering similar tools for a while too (e.g.: ShareASale’s Make-a-Page tool), and now Commission Junction is enabling affiliates with a possibility to create their own widgets! And CJ did a really good job on the functionality.

Upon clicking “Create Widget” you get to choose how your products will be displayed: as a slideshow, collage, or in a grid (I went with a grid):

Commission Junction Affiliate Widgets

Then it’s a simple 3-step process whereby you (1) pick the products (across all advertisers to whose programs you belong) to add to your widget, (2) customize your preferences (see the below screenshot), and (3) save it (which automatically adds it to “My Widgets” sub-tab) and pick up a simple one-line javascript code to add to your site.

To do my brother’s heart good I went with FC Barcelona’s fan gear, and here’s how my quickly-put-together┬áBar├ža widget looked (within the create-a-widget interface):

FC Barcelona Fan Gear Affiliate Widget

Good convenient tool. Affiliates will enjoy playing with it.

4 thoughts on “Commission Junction Introduces New Affiliate Tool: Product Widgets

  1. What do you do with the code for the widget once you complete the set-up? It doesn’t work to copy and paste into a page like I was doing with all the other CJ affiliate links.

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