First-Ever Affiliate Management Workshop by Award-Winning Author

In the course of the past eight years I have authored four books.

Book signingThree of them were on affiliate marketing; while the two most popular ones — A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day — were on affiliate program management. Not many people know it, and I am not the type that brings it up in every elevator pitch (maybe I should), but both of these books are being used in numerous universities (including MBA courses) around the world, they are being referenced in other manuals on digital marketing, they have trained literally thousands of affiliate marketing professionals, and the “Hour a Day” book won the first place in the Classics category of 2013 Small Business Books Awards.

After nearly a decade of writing and speaking at conferences, I am excited to, finally, announce that this year I am launching in-person workshops on affiliate management. The first two are scheduled to take place as follows:

The content of these half-day workshops will be suitable both for beginning affiliate managers (or merchants just contemplating utilizing affiliate marketing to promote their businesses, or sell their products/services), and for those who have just launched their affiliate programs. We will briefly cover the basics, and then dive into the five key areas of affiliate program management (affiliate recruitment, activation, compliance policing, communication, and program optimization). I will ensure that you come away fully equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to tackle each of these areas in the most effective way.

It looks like the San Francisco workshop is en route to selling out, but there is still room in both the SF and the London one.

Looking forward to running these, and seeing you there!

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