New Video Training Course for Aspiring Affiliates Coming Soon

My Washington, DC – Los Angeles plane takes off just a few hours from now. Tomorrow Prussakov on videoI am starting to record a video course aimed at aspiring affiliate marketers.

The training material will be comprised of more than 20 videos and the course will be offered through

If you are not familiar with this amazing brand, here is what they are/do: is an online learning company that helps anyone learn software, design, and business skills to achieve their personal and professional goals. …We carefully select the world’s top experts who are the best in their field, passionate about their subject matter, and know how to teach. [source]

Needless to spend time describing how honored I am to have been invited to compile and teach this video course.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from this soon-to-be-released video series:

Working Title: Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals

Tentative Video Titles:

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Setting the right expectations
  • Understanding payment models
  • Understanding core concepts
  • Types of affiliates
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Freedoms and limitations
  • Understanding affiliate agreements
  • Before building a website
  • Affiliate disclosures
  • Opening affiliate accounts
  • Selecting affiliate programs
  • Enemies of future earnings
  • Ensuring you are adding value
  • Applying into affiliate programs
  • Monetizing blogs with affiliate marketing
  • Using affiliate data feeds
  • Using affiliate coupons and deals
  • Leveraging mobile and social
  • Adding email to the mix
  • Advanced affiliate creatives
  • Pay-per-call marketing
  • Next steps, further resources, conclusion

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Off to the airport now…

1 thought on “New Video Training Course for Aspiring Affiliates Coming Soon”

  1. Thank you Geno Prussakov for your course; “Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals” presented on – it is outstanding!! I was going to watch parts of it in segments, but I was glued to my screen and finished it in one sitting. Your presentation moves alone in a very informative manner and your enthusiasm is great! It was a pleasure to learn the real facts from a professional like yourself Geno. Also thank you for provided the exercise file which is truly an added bonus.

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