And the Winners of Affiliate Summit East 2014 Passes Are…

So… the time has come for me to announce the winners of the contest for Affiliate Summit East 2014 passes.

We’ve received really thoughtful comments from every entrant (for which I sincerely thank every one of those who took the time to submit them) and instead of picking the winners myself, I simply had no other choice but use a list randomizer instead.

So, I entered the names of all 5 entrants in there:

Affiliate Summit East 2014 Passes Draw

Hit the button, and got:

Affiliate Summit East 2014 Tickets Draw

Once again, huge thanks to all of you for your comments; and congratulations to the winners (who will receive my emails shortly). In case any one of the three winners cannot take advantage of their free Affiliate Summit pass, it will go to the next in line (as shown above).

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