Affiliate Summit West 2015 Reviews of Prussakov Session

Last month I spoke at the world’s largest affiliate marketing conference, Affiliate Summit, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was my twelfth time speaking at this great show, and, based on the reviews, it’s been one of the most successful speeches of mine.

My presentation on the “55 Must-Haves in Every Affiliate Manager’s Toolbox” was ranked one of the top 10 best-rated as well as one of the top 10 best attended sessions of the conference.

Having just received the actual attendee feedback I am humbled to post it below:

Our feedback surveys asked for both the speaker(s) and the content of the session to be rated on a scale of 1-10. Your average ratings are as follows.

  • Content: 9.6
  • Speaker(s): 9.8

I know that there’s plenty of room for growth (in fact, my audience seems to rank this session much higher than I myself personally would) but these results are greatly encouraging, and I am really thankful to them for it!

Here are all of the actual attendees’ reviews:

  • Excellent session! Just the information I was looking for.
  • Great tools! Good speaker. Very helpful.
  • Wow! You got through all 80 slides! Fast paced, loaded with great content.
  • Kittens in presentation=winning 🙂 #catlady
  • Very engaging. Lots of ideas for optimizing my campaigns.
  • The best conference session thus far!!!
  • Geno gave detailed, useful information that can greatly benefit affiliates & affiliate managers. Excellent presentation!
  • Helpful advice for both affiliate managers and affiliates. Good to see a manager that talks about not always assuming the worst of affiliates and promotes educated action.
  • By far. This guy is the best presenter & best topic I’ve seen all week!
  • Geno’s session was AWESOME.

If you have missed my session, it is now available on SlideShare, and I am enclosing a link to it below:


Thanks to the Affiliate Summit’s organizers, Shawn Collins and Missy Ward (for having me again), to everyone who voted for me to speak, as well as to every single attendee. Looking forward to many more successful Affiliate Summits.

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