Free Online Workshop on Improving Affiliate Performance

If you are an affiliate, you know that in most cases my workshops, speeches, and presentations are geared at those who you work with — merchants (or advertisers). Every once in a while, there are, however, exceptions when I prepare/deliver affiliate-geared presentations too. My “Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals” video course was one, and so was my “Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Answers to the Questions You Should Be Asking” book. A week from now, another one is coming.

On Thursday, July 16, I will hold a free online workshop/webinar, kindly powered by my friends at HasOffers. We’ll discuss practical tips and ideas on how you can improve the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

So, mark your calendars! July 16, 2015 at 11 am ET. You may register here. Once again, attendance is 100% free, thanks to HasOffers.

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