Influencer Marketing Conference 2016 Coming to New York City

When you have a product or a service to sell, one of your primary tasks lays in finding the shortest and surest way to your customer’s heart.

For years marketing theorists have been analyzing and practitioners experimenting with an array of vehicles to carry the message from the advertiser to the end-consumer. Some have been more effective than others.

In recent years, one particular type of marketing has been on the notable rise — Influencer Marketing. So much so that in 2016 Google classified the key phrase “influencer marketing” as a “Breakout” term or one experiencing search growth greater than 5,000% which indicated a quickly-growing interest in it.

Since then, its popularity has only continued to grow. Per American Marketing Association eight out of ten marketers say they plan to use influencer marketing in their strategy this year.

Influencer marketing

Some call it “word-of-mouth marketing on steroids,” others believe it to be an evolved form of affiliate marketing [more here], and content about it is published literally daily. This is hardly surprising.  A study by Tomoson calls “fastest-growing online customer acquisition method” whose cost-effectiveness  is second to none.



In continuation of the great success of Affiliate Management Days conference, in an effort to provide an environment for marketing and public relations processionals to discuss influencer marketing’s latest developments and best practices, I am excited to bring you my brand new conference — Influencer Marketing Days.

Mark your calendars!! I hope to see you in New York this fall!

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