Places to Learn Influencer Marketing (from Beginner to Advanced Level)

Regardless of influencer marketing‘s fairly young age, there is no lack of resources on it out there. New researches and white papers, studies and articles come out nearly daily. It’s booming and it isn’t going anywhere.

With many marketers looking for places to study influencer marketing in a coherent “A to Z” way, I’d like to devote my today’s blog post to the three places where you may learn how to leverage this extremely potent (yet, in many ways fragile) type of marketing. All three of the below-listed ways represent the initiatives in which I am personally involved.

1. Video Course

Have you heard of “Influencer Marketing Fundamentals” yet? Released just two weeks ago, this newest LinkedIn Learning video course of mine is devoted to the basics of influencer marketing. It lasts a little longer than an hour within which you can learn about the history of influencer marketing, the types of influencers that you can work with, finding and onboarding them, activating them and measuring the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. Check out the “Welcome” video below:

If you do not yet have an account that allows you to view the course, they offer 10-day free trials too.

2. Conference

There is also a conference which is entirely dedicated to all things influencer marketing. The name is Influencer Marketing Days and I have started it to fulfill the demand for a vendor-neutral professional forum focused on practical implementation of influencer marketing campaigns. It is also important to emphasize that, unlike the above-quoted video course, the conference is devoted to content of more advanced level.

Influencer Marketing Conference

The first IMD is coming to New York City on November 14-15, 2016. Use code GENO while registering to save additional $200.00 off your next show’s pass.

3. Workshop

Finally, on January 15, 2017 I will be holding a workshop on influencer marketing in Las Vegas, NV. The name is Advertiser’s Crash Course in Influencer Marketing and it will be held as part of Affiliate Summit West 2017.

Influencer Marketing Days

If I have missed your favorite resource, please do chime in with it in/through the “Comments” field below.

Otherwise, enjoy these three, and hope to shake your hand in person at one of them.

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