Battling Outreach Blindness: How to Get Your Affiliate Program Noticed

Similarly to how present-day web visitors frequently disregard banner ads as “noise”, more and more affiliates are growing immune to the active outreach through which affiliate managers try to get through to them.

Unreachable affiliateI call this “outreach blindness”. This problem is very real and affiliates are tough to blame here. After all, on a daily basis, hundreds of affiliate programs compete for an attention of a good affiliate publisher. No surprise why so many of them are hard to impress.

Since affiliates have become pretty good at ignoring our “recruitment” emails (and calls), advertisers must supplement their active outreach with other techniques. Otherwise, your chances of being noticed become quite dismal.

In a recent Affiliate Summit presentation I addressed this very challenge, giving my listeners ten practical ways to make their affiliate program stand out amidst the noise.

Below you may find the full video of the presentation (it won’t take longer than 23 minutes of your life, I promise):


As you listen to it, you may also follow along flipping through the supporting slide deck below:

Enjoy it, and if you’ve seen other unconventional methods to work well for this purpose, please do contribute them through the comments area under this post.

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