Affiliate Marketing Video Course (in 21 Languages for 4B People)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Affiliate Marketing for BeginnersOverwhelmed with excitement, I have the pleasure to announce to you something that’s never been done before!

For over 3 months, more than 50 people all around the globe (professional translators, videographers, and affiliate marketers who acted as proofreaders) have spent well over 700 hours to make this possible… a video course that makes affiliate marketing education accessible to more than 4 billion people (or over 87% of the literate population of the Earth).

Besides English (the language of instruction), we have meticulously translated, transcribed, and subtitled the course into 20 other languages: from Chinese (spoken by 1.2 billion people), Hindi (~500 million speakers), and Arabic (400+ million speakers) to Greek (around 13.5 native-speakers) and Czech (about 11 million speakers).

Besides putting together the video course’s curriculum and content and recording it all, I personally steered the whole process. Not many know this, but I am a linguist and a translator by trade. So I was honored to, finally, apply my knowledge to something this big.

Besides the numbers of native-speakers of any given language, and the state of e-commerce in the respective countries, I also took into account the penetration of English. For example, regardless of high levels of e-commerce maturity in The Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway, you won’t find Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian translations of the course. The reason is simple: between 80% and 90% of population in these countries are perfectly comfortable with English.

To make affiliate marketing knowledge truly accessible, I’ll make all of these 21 language variations of the video course available free of charge for the first 3 days after this announcement.

Just click the respective link(s) below, enjoy, and please do help spread the word too!!

First-ever Multi-language Affiliate Marketing Video Course:

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