Customer Loyalty Driven by API-Based SaaS, Cashback, Incentives

Everyone who has customers wants them to keep coming back again and again. In fact, the true value of a customer is always best measured by the lifetime value of the customer, or the total amount of money that they are likely to bring to your business during their lifetime.

However, when a pandemic hits — as we’ve most recently witnessed — in a blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of customers stop coming back! In the most recent happenings, it hit hotels and airlines, gyms and restaurants, businesses in the performing arts segment, and many many others.

The Struggle

The above-referenced pandemic, of course, is an extreme example. But even outside of situations like this, there are multiple other factors that make customers go away. Be it a more attractive price elsewhere or a competitor that has come up with a more engaging way to offer a similar service… end consumers will keep shopping around and bouncing between retailers, service providers, and businesses of every type.

Loyalty, specifically customer loyalty, is every business’s most coveted goal. After all, you are 3.5 times more likely to sell to an existing customer (than a new one) and loyal customers typically spend 33% more money than new ones. Additionally, building long-term relationships with new customers is really expensive, ending up being 16 times pricier to develop than keeping existing customers happy.

The Solution

Whether it is fostering loyalty in a new customer or developing it with an existing one, there is a solution that you need to check out. It aids businesses in increasing stickiness and loyalty (of their buyers, members, customers) and does it with an affiliate marketing concept at core and a technology that supports a truly seamless integration (without having to install any software on your computers or servers).

Customer loyalty SaaS APIEnter Loyalize! For more than 3 years, a dozen of passionate professionals, myself included, have toiled without rest on creating a technology to make the above possible.

It all started with us building CleverGiver — a solution to help people support nonprofits every time they make an online purchase. But, with time, we had realized that our technology could power something even bigger (if helping noble causes wasn’t big enough). So, we opened up our technology for wider consumption via, what we called, cashback APIs.

Towards the end of 2020, we re-packaged it as Loyalize — a stand-alone RaaS (rewards as a service) product — or a SaaS (software as a service) that’s focused on rewards as a means of facilitating customer loyalty.

Being appreciative of the wider potential in making our technology available to thousands of businesses that are constantly fighting against customer attrition, I’d like to invite you to give our technology a try too.

The New Reality

Whatever is your vertical, if you have a database of clients, customers, users, or members you wish to keep, I believe that Loyalize can help.

Whether you package the benefit as cashback received from every online purchase (across 5,000 U.S. online merchants) or any other incentive tied to the same activity (of online shopping), Loyalize can support it. Easy API integration, user-level tracking and reporting, anonymity, and much more… will help you increase the value of your brand to your customers.

Reference code VIP2021 in your email to me, and I will make sure that through 2021 you’ll encounter no setup and/or maintenance fees. There is absolutely nothing to lose here. If you make money, Loyalize will also make money.

2 thoughts on “Customer Loyalty Driven by API-Based SaaS, Cashback, Incentives”

  1. Cashback, Incentives definitely help to sustain your customer but the quality of service is also an important factor. Just simple, people are ready to expense money but they want the quality services that it.

    1. You nailed it, Ellis! Cashback alone can’t buy you customer loyalty. There has got to be quality of product and quality of (customer) service to make your customers stick and have your shoppers/users coming back for me.

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